Jessica Millan Patterson Is Leading California’s Republican Comeback

Last November, the California Republican Party was clearly on the wrong side of victory, losing every single Congressional seat in traditionally Republican Orange County, as well as several competitive Congressional and state legislature seats throughout the state. After over a decade of failed leadership at the state party level, the CA GOP needs a new leader for this reformation, and they have found her.

Jessica Millan Patterson, who was elected Chair of the CA GOP in February, is poised to be the architect behind turning California into a powerful GOP force to Make California Great Again. She is the first female chair in the history of the California Republican Party, and more importantly, she represents a bold new set of ideals that will restore California back to greatness and help Republicans take back the house in 2020, 2022 and years to come.

The Republican Party in California has looked more like traditional Democrats since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger left office in 2011, causing the loss of major Congressional seats, as well as a Democrat Supermajority in the state Assembly and Senate. Democrats can now pass tax increases without a single Republican vote, and hold all eight statewide elected offices by a large margin. California has lacked good winning candidates in the past, and with Patterson’s help, this could change fast. As the former CEO of California Trailblazers, she recruited and trained future candidates for the state legislative and congressional seats, who went on to retain the few seats the GOP currently holds in California.

At her core Patterson is a teacher, coach and a leader.  Patterson brings with her the ability to raise millions of dollars, as well as being well represented in the news almost daily to present the Republican Party’s solutions to California’s crumbling infrastructure, rising crime, and soaring poverty rates.

Jessica Millan Patterson sees a fortuitous opportunity within social media the same way the likes of Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have catapulted their image, message and platform. The CA GOP only had a minor investment in social media and had almost no online presence until Patterson became Chair.

On the contrary to previous CA GOP leadership, Patterson documents her daily work activities on Instagram and chronicles her daily meetings and flights across the state to help take back California. The fact that she has invested in her social media presence is a huge win for Republicans in California, because the party is making a concerted effort for the first time in a decade to start reaching young voters where they are.

Let’s not overlook her commitment to the growth of the new CA GOP leaders and putting together the best possible team to make California a red state. Patterson took immediate action to make the state party reflect California’s diversity by appointing female, minority, and LGBT board members. These new leaders in the state party have made huge strides to reach out to their communities and show that the CA GOP is the party for all Californians who wish to live a life of prosperity and security in the Golden State once again.

The CA GOP needs to reengage its base, and Jessica Millan Patterson is the one to do it. Republicans In Name Only got us here, but our new Chairwoman has successfully reenergized the conservatives in the state of California to get us out of this mess. A young, bold, conservative base is emerging behind the leadership of Jessica Patterson, the likes that haven’t been seen since Reagan was in office. The Red Wave is coming to CA. Get in the water or get out of the way.

Written by Meghan McNulty

Meghan McNulty is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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