House Democrats Reach Major Milestone In Impeachment Push

More than half of the members of the House of Representatives support an inquiry into whether to impeachment President Donald Trump, after Democratic Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids announced her support Wednesday.

Politico and The Washington Post, which have tracked which lawmakers support impeachment, reported that Davids is the 218th House member to back an inquiry. According to their tally, 217 Democrats and Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, a Republican-turned-Independent, have announced support for the measure.

The tally surged this week as details of a whistleblower complaint against Trump have trickled into view. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw her support behind a formal impeachment inquiry Tuesday.

The White House released a transcript Wednesday of a July 25 phone call that Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that is said to be at the center of the complaint.

It remains to be seen how the impeachment push will actually play out or how it differs from impeachment investigations conducted in the House Judiciary Committee. Pelosi has not indicated when a vote would be held on impeachment, and it is possible some Democrats would get cold feet before formally voting to impeach Trump.

Even if an impeachment vote succeeds, the GOP-controlled Senate is not likely to vote to remove Trump from office.

Written by Chuck Ross

Chuck Ross is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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