Has President Trump Helped The African American Community?

President Trump welcomes Young Black Leadership Conference attendees to the White House

MAGA, Trump 2020, and NRA hats filled the East Room as President Trump addressed attendees of the 2018 Young Black Leadership Conference. Among those present were Secretary Ben Carson, TPUSA spokeswoman, Candice Owens, and TPUSA Founder, Charlie Kirk. Attendees came from various socioeconomic and racial backgrounds but were mainly members of the African American community, some even having grown up in inner city, broken neighborhoods. The President, in his almost 45-minute speech for attendees, discussed everything from issues impacting the black community and political correctness, to his “America First” policy priorities.

Attendees welcomed Trump with loud chants of “USA” as he approached the stage. He emphasized the historic role the attendees had in fulfilling his famous campaign phrase of “Making America Great Again”. Election results showed that Trump received more votes from people of color than former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. He emphasized the decrease in unemployment rates for both African American men and women and how it reached its all-time low this year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Trump’s emphasis on helping the working class has been a key component of the black communities’ support for the President.

Trump also focused on the topic of political correctness in today’s tense, partisan climate and the victimization that Democrats have imposed on minority communities through identity politics.

“You’re not intimidated by the forces of political correctness because you embrace your own right to free thought and to free speech.”

He explained the attacks that African American conservatives have faced due to what seems like “hypocrisy of race” by the left. Trump stated that the worst tendency in politics is “to tell people what they should believe based on their race.”

Audience chants of “build the wall” came as Trump discussed illegal immigration and the migrant caravan. His campaign model revolved around building a wall in order to deteriorate illegal immigrants. He also mentioned the dangers of “globalists” and discussed unfair trade practices in past years. The comment comes as the U.S. continues to engage in a trade war with China which has thus far dragged GDP growth.

“You have the right to live in a country that puts your needs first” Trump said to attendees.

Trump’s overall message to attendees was that the Democratic party has failed them and highlighted issues of “failing schools and over incarceration.” With dozens of members of the black community in attendance, he asked attendees to never, ever stop fighting.

Written by Sam Cosme

Sam Cosme is the White House correspondent for The Schpiel.


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