Government Shutdown, Part Two: This Time, It’s Personal!

With Trump and Pelosi not getting anywhere, another government shutdown is expected at the end of the week

President Donald J. Trump, known throughout the world to be a caring loving compassionate individual, re-opened the government despite the Democrats’ unwillingness to fund common sense border security. He gave them three weeks to get their sh-t in order, and time’s almost up.

The commies at NPR explain why the government shutdown is likely to resume at the end of the week:

Negotiations to stop another government shutdown have stalled, as lawmakers remain at an impasse over border security. If an agreement on funding the government isn’t reached by Friday at midnight, the government could partially shut down again, just three weeks after the longest U.S. government shutdown in history…

A Democratic congressional aide tells NPR talks have broken down over how many detention beds for Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be funded through the agreement. Democrats want to limit the number of beds to force the Trump administration to prioritize arresting and deporting serious criminals, not law-abiding immigrants…

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney told NBC’s Meet the Press that negotiations are “all over the map because of the Democrats” and that “the White House, at the request of all the parties on the Hill, have sort of stepped back. We’re still participating, we’re still listening, we’re still talking, but we’re not leading the negotiations.”

Trump, as usual, took to Twitter to take the Democrats to task for refusing to secure America’s porous borders:

“Donald Trump is not going to sign any legislation that reduces the bed spaces. You can take that to the bank,” said Sen. Luscious Lindsey Graham (R-Studmuffin), who is known to satisfy many ladies on the regular at a pace that even DJT would consider impressive.

The Dems are spinning a web of lies about the whole situation.

“Talks have broken down because Senate Republicans are refusing to compromise on limits to the Trump administration’s cruel immigration policies,” a senior Democratic aide said to Fox News on Sunday. “A deal that includes new physical barriers must also include limits on the number of ICE detention beds. If Senate Republicans won’t compromise with us on both, we can’t reach a deal.”

Trump clearly has the dumbocrats right where he wants them, and if there has to be a new government shutdown at the end of the week, big deal. It’s the fault of the liberals anyway for wanting to expand their voting base with the refuse of the third-world!

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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