Eric Early Is Ready To Remove Adam Schiff From Congress

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has spent the entire Trump presidency claiming to possess secret knowledge of a Trump-Putin conspiracy, but last week he was forced to release documents that showed he had no evidence at all of Russian collusion. The documents revealed that Schiff knew from day one of the Russia Hoax that he lied to all Americans for two straight years and in over 400 television appearances. Many Americans are done with Schiff’s antics, but Los Angeles businessman and attorney Eric Early was so fed up with Adam Schiff’s “lying and leaking” that he took it upon himself to run for Congress. He has been endorsed by the California Republican Party, the Los Angeles County Republican Party, and many other great organizations and prominent leaders.

Early sees Schiff as a “lifelong political hack” who cares more about his own national fame than the problems facing his Los Angeles district. “Adam Schiff is pathetic. He’s never had a real job in his life,” Early told The Schpiel. “It’s time someone stands up to him, calls him out for his lies, and sends him packing into retirement where he belongs.”

Early has spent 27 years as a business and real estate litigation attorney in California, where he started boutique law firm Early Sullivan, which now has 30 attorneys and was named by U.S. News as one of the best legal practices in the country for several years in a row. Early has been politically involved for years, but chose to formally step into the Congressional race last June after seeing Schiff’s constant harassment of President Trump on television.

He describes himself as a “Reagan Conservative” who unabashedly supports President Trump, and believes the two Presidents shared a similar goal of protecting America from the evils of socialism. Early argues that in a time where politicians like Schiff are working with government bureaucrats and the mainstream media to grow socialism in America and stop President Trump’s agenda, the American people have a duty to fight back and hold their representatives accountable for their behavior.

“Adam Schiff refuses to fix the issues plaguing our district,” Early continued. “He shows up right before elections, lies to the voters, tells them what they want to hear and makes promises and statements that he never keeps, then disappears back into his wall-to-wall Trump Derangement Syndrome after the elections pass.” 

“He tells freelancers, gig workers and independent contractors he supports them while simultaneously and surreptitiously co-sponsoring a national version of AB-5 which would ban all of their jobs nationwide,” Early stated. “We have an out of control homelessness epidemic that big government politicians throw money at to ignore the real human tragedy of it. Schiff hasn’t done a damn thing about it in 20 years. Socialism is on the rise in America. Schiff sits back and allows it to happen. Our kids’ classrooms are filled with social justice warriors who are more concerned with indoctrinating than educating. California continues to prioritize the rights and privileges of illegal immigrants more than our own people. In what world is this okay, and why hasn’t Schiff done anything to right these wrongs?”

Between campaign stops, and running his law firm, Early hosts “The Eric Early Report” on CRN (not CNN) Digital Talk Radio and “The Early Edition” on AM 870 The Answer, and talks to his tens of thousands of social media followers, where he goes at length into the issues affecting residents of California’s 28th Congressional District, and calls out Schiff for his lies and coverup of his failed Russiagate investigation.

“We need a Congressman who cares about the people and about the District and who will roll up his sleeves and work with business owners, job creators, employees groups, workers, banks, and all of the District’s stakeholders to help us rise from the ashes of Covid-19. I am the only person in this race with the skill set, the desire and the ability to do it,” said Early. “Schiff is a wonk who belongs alone in a back room in the D.C. Swamp – where he has spent most of the past 20 years while abandoning our District.” 

“Our next Congressman needs to put American citizens first, stop the endless taxation and regulation, and make public safety a priority once again in California,” Early stated. “I support every law-abiding American citizen of every race, creed, color, religion and sexual orientation. I will fight for all of them like I have been fighting for my law firm’s clients for over twenty years.”

Written by Dan Weissman

Dan Weissman is the editor of The Schpiel.


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