Disgraced NYGOP Chairman Endorses Anti-Trump Nicole Malliotakis Over Joey Salads On His Way Out Of Office

The departing chairman of the New York Republican Party endorsed Salads’ anti-Trump competitor.

The Republican Party establishment is up to its old tricks in New York, as the departing crony New York State GOP Chairman Ed Cox endorsed the ‘Never Trump’ favorite Nicole Malliotakis for Congress in a fundraising letter.

Cox recently got the boot for his successor Nick Langworthy, but he gave Malliotakis his endorsement to raise funds for her fledgling campaign with one foot out the door in a final slap to the faces of Trump supporters in the Empire State. Is it any wonder why Republicans have lost to Democrats so often recently, surrendering control of the entire state government with AOC going to Washington DC, under Cox’s control?

Malliotakis’ pro-Trump primary opponent, Joey ‘Salads’ Saladino is dismayed but unsurprised by the establishment’s dirty tricks.

“Coming on the heels of my girlfriend being attacked by leftists Sunday, I’m disappointed by the email. I knew it was going to be an uphill struggle but for outgoing Chairman of the State GOP to use his position to advance the fundraising efforts for the primary opponent is disappointing,” Joey Salads told The Schpiel

Joey Salads maintains that he’s the real pro-Trump candidate in the race for the Republican nomination in New York’s 11th Congressional district, and has the record to prove it.

“I was at the Roger Stone fundraiser, I was at the rally, I’ve been to numerous events where it has been almost exclusively the activists and true believers – and none of the official leadership of the party. We need to change that, and I believe Chairman Langworthy is doing just that. I’m here to lead from the front and I’ll beat Max Rose and rally Republicans together in 2020,” Saladino said.

Saladino’s campaign is undaunted by Cox’s display of flagrant disrespect to the Trump grassroots, seeing it as a final pang from a weakening and desperate establishment in its well-deserved death throes after decades of failure.

“The Saladino campaign will not be affected by this email that greatly. We see it as a sign of weakness and fear by our opponent’s campaign. The opponent’s campaign is filled with smart, committed Republican activists we still deeply respect, and we hope Nicole comes out against this email she absolutely benefits from,” campaign director Adam Korzeniewski told The Schpiel.

“The outgoing State Chairman is doing what he does best – unfairly putting his weight on the scales for an insider favorite candidate (who will probably go on to lose as his picks generally do) while paying lip service to promoting a competition of ideas. I think this move clearly shows why he was shown the door by the state committee in the first place,” campaign manager Vish Burra said to The Schpiel.

Joey Salads will continue blasting his Rubio-loving, neoconservative, ‘America Last’ opponent until he faces off against feckless Congressman Max Rose (R-NY) in next year’s general election.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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