Democratic U.S. House Candidate Haley Stevens Lies About Resume To Deceive Voters

Like with Pocahontas and others, Stevens is showing that Democrats will deceive voters to achieve power

Former Obama administration official Haley Stevens is hoping to ride the blue wave into national office next month in Michigan’s 11th Congressional district. She is facing off against the Republican, former Trump campaign co-chair in Michigan and oil executive Lena Epstein, in a showcase of young female candidates ready to head to Washington DC.

Stevens has touted her role in former President Obama’s bailout of the automotive industry, saying in campaign ads that she served as “chief of staff for President Obama’s auto rescue.” She hopes this will endear her with union voters who are quickly trending right-ward in the age of Trump, but there is one problem: Her claim is a complete fabrication.

According to a report from West Michigan Politics, documents indicate that Stevens only served as a “special assistant” and a “confidential assistant” to the Treasury department as they were overseeing the auto bailout. In a similar manner to Democratic Sens. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and Richard “Da Nang” Blumenthal, Stevens is using a blatant deception in an attempt to advance herself up the political ladder.

Stevens’ opponent, Epstein, doesn’t need to fabricate her record in order to curry favor with the voters. She served as general manager for Vesco Oil Company and played an integral role in turning Michigan red in 2016 by serving as one of Trump’s top surrogates throughout the state.

“It makes things harder on women when they mischaracterize their roles, especially running for public office.” Epstein said during a radio appearance. “I think it’s wrong, and I think she owes the voters an explanation.”

“She has changed how she describes her role, seemingly covering her tracks in her new ad,” Epstein said. “If she’s lying to voters already, how could anyone trust her in office?”

Her original ad is still available online featuring the deceptive claim. Journalist Brandon Hall broke the story and hopes that this information elucidates the choice facing voters in November.

“Radical leftist Haley Stevens needs to stop lying about her resume, and come clean with the voters of the 11th District immediately,” said Hall, who founded West Michigan Politics, to The Schpiel. “This type of behavior may be acceptable in New York and California, where most of her donations come from, but it’s not ok in Michigan.”

“Thankfully, voters have a choice. Lena Epstein, a conservative small business owner who served as Co-Chair for President Trump’s historic 2016 campaign in Michigan, will passionately fight for her constituents in DC. Lena will also work with President Trump to advance the America First agenda in Congress,” Hall added.

Non-partisan polling firms like the Cook Political Report and Five Thirty Eight list the race as a virtual toss-up three weeks out of November’s mid-term elections. Stevens’ lies may ultimately be what shreds her ticket back to Washington DC, as voters can now discern who is clearly the more qualified and reputable candidate.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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