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Cynthia Nixon Doesn’t Know How To Fund Her Campaign Promise

The Democratic Socialist wants her single-payer health plan passed before figuring out how to pay for it.

Former actress and current New York gubernatorial hopeful Cynthia Nixon echoed Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s infamous “we have to pass the [Obamacare] bill so that you can find out what’s in it” when she admitted she has no idea how to pay for her own campaign promise.

“Pass it and then figure out how to fund it,” Nixon said when discussing her plan to offer New Yorkers universal health care.

The policy, which could cost up to $140 billion, is a mystery to the candidate herself, despite being one of her campaign’s staple policies. Still, her aides said, while Nixon will continue to push for the policy, a commission would be created after the bill is implemented so they can figure out how to fund “free health care” for all.

Despite her lack of knowledge regarding her own plans, she told reporters that a single-payer “solution” would also save the state money, adding that 98 percent of New Yorkers would pay less for health care if universal health care was a reality.

It’s almost as if the self-professed Democratic Socialist didn’t understand how “free” government programs work.

As seen in countries where universal health care is the norm, and residents are forced to use socialized or the single-payer health care system, difficult decisions regarding people’s health are not made by people themselves.

As economists have shown, when the cost to maintain a patient is too high, the government-backed system chooses to terminate treatment, making a decision that contradicts the patient’s wishes. But when we have choice in health care, when the free market reigns, the patient has options. Even charity hospitals are able to serve those in need better than the government would, making Nixon’s case not just a laughable one, but an inhumane way of dealing with people’s lives.

If she has such little compassion for New Yorkers, she should come out and be honest about it instead of fooling around with ideas that may sound cute in theory, but that crumble in practice.

Written by Alice Hankoff

Alice Hankoff is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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