Cuomo’s Fat Payoff From Weinstein Exposed

Cuomo suspiciously halted Weinstein’s investigation after his lawyers gave ponied up a cool $20,000

Although it was an open secret that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was preying on young girls for decades, he was able to evade a criminal probe until the debut of the #metoo movement put his predatory behavior in the global limelight.

So how was Weinstein able to escape justice for so many years? An answer to that question may be his connections to high-profile Democratic Party politicians. While it is well-known that Weinstein was a top Hillary Clinton donor, a new revelation shows that his lawyers gave a $25,000 payout to New York Governor Andrew “America was never great” Cuomo right before a criminal probe related to Weinstein was halted.

Manhattan firm Boies Schiller & Flexner, the law firm representing Weinstein, donated $20,000 to Cuomo on June 20, according to records kept by the state Board of Elections. Just a week later, Cuomo’s office put a hold on state Attorney General Barbara Underwood’s investigation into why Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance refused to prosecute Weinstein following an alleged 2015 groping incident.

The temporary suspension is supposedly being done to avoid impacting a current criminal case against Weinstein, but with Weinstein’s history of being an influential donor to top Democrats, one must wonder if there is more going on here than what meets the eye.

In addition to paying off Cuomo, the law firm also paid off DA Vance a total of $55,000 in campaign contributions, including $10,000 after he announced Weinstein would not be charged for his alleged groping incident. They deny any wrongdoing for spreading this payola, of course.

“Neither Mr. Boies, nor anyone from his firm, ever discussed Harvey Weinstein or Mr. Vance with Mr. Cuomo, or anyone from his office, at any time,” a spokesperson for the firm said to online political publication Capital and Main. “Mr. Boies is a longtime supporter of Mr. Cuomo and his contribution in June was consistent with his contributions to Mr. Cuomo over years past.”

The AG’s office is releasing a boilerplate piece of spin as well.

A Cuomo spokesman said, “The attorney general’s investigation was suspended to avoid situations in which Weinstein’s defense attorneys would be able to constantly petition the attorney general’s office for information about what they uncovered and undermine a criminal prosecution.”

Despite the lame excuses from bureaucrats, lawyers and other hacks, this situation stinks from top to bottom. It seems like just another incident of Democratic Party pay-to-play schemes undermining the rule of law in what was formerly the land of the free.

Written by Joshua Finkelberg

Joshua Finkelberg is a contributor for The Schpiel.


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