COVID-19 Infections In The U.S. May Have Peaked In April

New data shows that the worst days of the pandemic may be behind us

Are the worst days of the global coronavirus pandemic finally behind us? Some reports such as one from The Washington Times indicate that might be the case in the United States at least.

According to Washington Times reporter Rowan Scarborough, the current rate of increase “for new confirmed cases has stayed below 2 percent for the past nine days,” according to an in-house analysis of numbers provided by John Hopkins University. The rate of new COVID-19 cases has “stayed below three percent for 22 of [the] last 23 days after averaging over 5 percent in early to mid-April.”

The good news continues, with reported deaths attributed to COVID-19 dropping under 1,000 for “two days in a row, the first time in at least 50 days.” Infographics produced by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention also indicated that deaths in the United States did peak starting April 18, and from there began a “sharp decline.” In terms of those who made up a majority of the infected were individuals “over the age of 65.” Those who made up a majority of the deaths caused by COVID-19 were 85 years of age and older.

This report adds some additional reassurance in regards to statements made by Dr. Robert Redfield, the current director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention when interviewed during an episode of “Fox & Friends” on Fox News back in early April. Dr. Redfield predicted based on available research at the time that the peak of coronavirus cases would come at some point in April, and that “we’re going to need to reopen gradually in a thoughtful, prudent way.

Redfield acknowledged as well that “the outbreak has stabilized across our country” yet made it very clear that Americans would know that we reached the peak of the pandemic “when the numbers started going down,” the report states.

We might not be able to pop the champaigne yet, however. There are some new numbers from the past week alone indicating that while the national average may have peaked, some states are still seeing a rise in new cases. CNN reported today that “at least 17 states have recorded a clear upward trend of average new daily cases — a rise of at least 10% — over the past seven days, according to an analysis based on data from Johns Hopkins University.”

As of Memorial Day weekend, all states will continue with some phase of reopening. At the time of publishing, every state has at least begun some phase of reopening and lifting of social distancing and self-quarantine/lockdown measures. At a minimum, most states have begun to allow restaurants and businesses considered “non-essential” to begin to open their doors back up and allow customers to resume regular commerce once again.

Written by Adam Kohen

Adam Kohen is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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