City Of Berkeley Protects Identities Of ANTIFA Terrorists

The leftist regime of Berkeley is lending a helping hand to these communist terrorists

After allowing leftist terror riots to take place unabated as law enforcement watched and refused to keep the peace last year, the city of Berkeley responded by instituting a policy posting mug shots of suspected perps on social media. This was supposed to show the city’s seriousness about fighting crime.

But it turns out that these leftist cowards are not very serious, as the city of Berkeley reversed the policy after ANTIFA and other communists complained that the policy was harmful and discriminatory.

“If there is a deterrent purpose in broadcasting the fact that arrests are being made for certain things, I have no problem with that. The problem I have is singling individuals out, and putting out their personal information to change a narrative. … We are in a different environment, social media is different, and the negativity is overwhelming, and we have to change our policies in a rapidly changing environment,” Councilwoman Sophie Hahn said during a meeting on Tuesday where the new rule was approved.

The ANTIFA terrorists whined about how they were harassed after their information was posted publicly on social media. Although ANTIFA leftists commonly post information of right-wingers and their families with the specific intent to harass and terrorize them (called doxing), they play the victim and the cowards on Berkeley city council are happy to placate them.

“You may think that posting a mugshot doesn’t have a lot of repercussions, but it does. I had weird, weird trolls trying to find me, sending texts, and it was kind of frightening. … The internet is a really, really dangerous force,” elderly leftist cat woman Kate Brenner said to city council.

Another man Jason Wallach, who was charged with carrying a banned weapon during a protest, whined that his business was receiving bad reviews on Yelp (Poor baby!). He also fantasized about his Mexican wife being possibly targeted by white supremacists due to his participation in an ANTIFA rally.

“Living in that sense of fear, now it becomes a family issue,” the beta male who is too feeble to protect his own family said.

Thanks to the enablers on the Berkeley city council, ANTIFA terrorists will be given more leeway and less shame and possible repercussions from engaging in their violent, anti-American displays. Where is Augusto Pinochet when you need him?

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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