Chris McDaniel Receives Top Liberty Endorsement

Mississippi’s hard-line conservative Senate candidate is receiving high praise from former Texas Congressman Ron Paul

Mississippi State Sen. Chris McDaniel came so very close to defeating decrepit former Sen. Thad Cochran in the 2014 Republican primary election. The establishment had to pull out all the stops – even promising Democratic voters that welfare benefits would be protected – to barely hang onto power.

After Cochran had to resign from the Senate due to his deranged mental state, McDaniel has another opportunity to obtain that position. Facing an establishment appointee in Cindy Hyde-Smith as his top competition, McDaniel needs help from the liberty grassroots in order to defeat the odds and secure the nomination.

McDaniel received a large feather in his cap this week after receiving an endorsement from Dr. Ron Paul, the former Texas congressman who served as the Godfather of sorts to the tea party movement that permanently reshaped Republican politics.

“Conservatives who want more liberty and less government should get behind Chris McDaniel in Mississippi,” Paul said. “Our country desperately needs courageous leaders to stand up to the establishment in Washington. It’s why I endorsed Chris in 2014, and why I’m proud to endorse him in 2018. Mississippi and the rest of the country need Chris McDaniel in D.C.”

“Ron Paul has inspired many Americans to get involved in politics and to engage the system, which is exactly what our nation needs at this crucial juncture,” McDaniel said. “Dr. Paul is a champion for civil liberties and opponent of government overreach and out-of-control spending, and I’m very excited to have his endorsement in our fight for liberty in Mississippi.”

Although Hyde-Smith is backed by the entire Republican Party establishment including President Donald Trump, McDaniel remains focused on victory in the Nov. 6 special election. After that election concludes, a run-off election will occur on Nov. 27 between the top two vote getters if no candidate gets over 50 percent in the initial election. Democrats and Republicans will compete with each other on the ballot for the vote.

McDaniel hopes that his fearless approach resonates with Mississippi voters. He lags in the polls displayed by the fake news media to manipulate public opinion, but so did President Trump when he defeated Hillary Clinton back in the 2016 Presidential election.

“We’re fighting for the survival of our republic,” said McDaniel. “This is not the time to cower in a corner.”

Supporters of Ron Paul would be wise to coalesce around McDaniel, who will be a consistent ally for his son and other leading conservatives in the Senate.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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