Call Me Barbie: Why Tomi Lahren Is a Leading Female Icon For Modern Day Women

The Schpiel Interviews Tomi Lahren on Her New Book

Tomi Lahren’s new book Never Play Dead: How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable is an excellent manual for today’s professional and successful women as well as up and coming young girls. While the constitutional conservative movement has several leading male voices such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Bill O’Reilly, Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, and Charlie Kirk, it lacks representation of young, successful women.

In fact, Tomi Lahren is the only self-made media millionaire under 40, and at twenty six years old, already has a net worth of $3 million and growing. She is also the youngest political talk show host in history, and has millions of dedicated social media followers, many of them young women who have never had a chance to see a successful woman of her age make it in politics.

In Never Play Dead, Tomi explains that one of her critics was trying to silence her, diminish her influence and question her intelligence by calling her Barbie after President Trump shared her message. Tomi shot back, saying, “Barbie is a multibillion-dollar industry so call me Barbie all you want.” The response is brilliant as it shows young women they don’t need to apologize or be diminished for being pretty or feminine, and smart. Tomi shows her readers you can have it all, if you are willing to own it and not play a victim.

In the book, Tomi advocates for women to find their own voice instead of being crusaders against masculinity. In contrast to the left-wing narrative on feminism, Tomi argues that modern day feminism has been hijacked by leading voices on the left who only welcome people that  think like them and do not value diversity of thought.

Tomi told The Schpiel in an interview, “In the book I say women have a choice, we can be fragile like a flower or fragile like I bomb. I choose to be a bomb. I choose to make noise. I choose to stand up for myself and have unrelenting drive and determination. That is not something you can teach someone to possess but through the lessons in my book, I can awaken that underlying spirit in other women. Instead of acting like victims overwhelmed with setbacks we need to be warriors with vision.”

She argues relentlessly in her new book to not let barriers limit you and strive at all costs to not become a victim.  She also points out that the most successful, accomplished and best in their field, including Chelsea Handler, did not get that way by being a victim, but instead by becoming the best at what they do. Tomi opines that it is not the patriarchy which limits women but women lacking confidence. In sum, women need to stop being sheep who follow the herd.

The most important message Tomi delivers in her book is how to develop confident women. She demonstrates the importance of having a good attitude no matter the circumstances, and how to keep others from ruining your day. She also explains what insecurity is, and how to stand your ground everywhere from the workplace, to school, and even social media.

Tomi is not your stereotypical conservative because she is not an old white man. Instead of just delivering the same old boring talking points, she stands out and delivers her remarks regarding her values in a way that makes sense to her millions of followers on social media. She has more followers on social media than any other personality on Fox News, which can be attributed to her confidence, standing up for herself, and delivering a clear message regarding her point of view.

She is an ideal role model for women and girls because she is very articulate and speaks her mind, even when powerful people like Glenn Beck go against her.

“I didn’t set out to be a role model for young women but I am proud to fill that role,” Tomi told The Schpiel. “There are many strong and powerful Conservative women in this industry but few show the various sides of themselves. I do that. I want young women, all women for that matter, to see that Conservative women can speak up politically and defend our beliefs but we can also enjoy reality TV, hair, makeup, clothes and talking about relationships.”

“I let my fans and followers see all the sides of me and that is why I have the following I do,” Tomi continued. “I am not afraid to be real, in all areas of my life. In this book I take that a step further and share things about my family, childhood, career, relationships and personal life you wouldn’t know from watching my commentaries on Facebook or seeing me on Fox News. It was important for me to tell those stories so conservative women could see that it’s okay to be political AND feminine AND hip AND fun. That is the best way to counter left-wing feminism, by being ourselves and being proud of it!”

Young women often do not speak their minds because of peer pressure and lack of self-esteem. Tomi has been able to break through groupthink, peer pressure and bullies by being confident in who she is and what she values. I don’t know a better message to deliver to young girls and women than to learn to be confident, and that’s exactly what Tomi does in her new book.

Written by Meghan McNulty

Meghan McNulty is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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