Biden Leads Trump In Battleground States, According To CNBC Poll

Likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in key swing states across the country, according to a CNBC poll released Wednesday.

Biden is ahead of Trump in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona – the six most competitive states in the 2020 presidential election – a summary of the poll data shows. Biden leads Trump nationally by 10 points, 51-41, according to the poll.

The poll respondents said the coronavirus pandemic, widespread protests against police brutality and racial inequality the two issues, and access to healthcare were “the most important issues facing the country,” according to the survey.

Fifty-seven percent of those polled said that they thought Biden would do a better job at handling the pandemic compared to 43% for Trump. Biden also has the edge when it comes to the affordability of healthcare, 56% to 44%, the poll shows.

Trump won all six of the swing states by less than five percent in 2016. He won Michigan by only 0.3%, the closest margin in the state’s history.

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report last week rated Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania as “lean Democratic” in their 2020 map. The three states, sometimes referred to as the “blue wall,” were critical to Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Other polls have shown Trump trailing Biden in all three, though he has polled relatively even with Biden in Florida, North Carolina and Arizona. Cook rated three southern states in the “tossup” column, along with Georgia.

Written by Andrew Trunsky

Andrew Trunsky is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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