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Ann Coulter: I Blame Trump For The Swamp

The conservative commentator said the president has the power to drain the swamp and yet, he is far from getting the job done.

During this weekend’s Politicon, Ann Coulter joined Mayor Glenn “Kane” Jacobs, conservative commentator Dan Bongino, and writer Andrew Klavan for the Drain the Swamp! panel. While the fearless author of Resistance is Futile has long been a President Donald Trump supporter, she’s also wasted no time criticizing the president on several occasions, especially when it comes to immigration — that’s exactly what happened at Politicon.

Early during the Saturday panel, Coulter reminded the panelists that they could be completely honest about Trump during the coming hour. After all, Fox News is not covering it and Trump has no way of learning what was discussed. Then, the author boldly stated that she held the president personally responsible for not draining the swamp two years after his election.

“He is the president,” Coulter reminded the audience, which clapped and laughed, perhaps relieved the commentator has no problem with being honest. “He decided to bring in, oh for example, his son-in-law and daughter, who are both liberal Democrats from New York.”

Explaining that both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have helped to make Trump’s agenda resemble a Democratic agenda, the author then went on to ask someone to film what she was saying and send it to the White House.

She then went on to say she’d be happy to see Ivanka take over for Nikki Haley as the UN ambassador — “it solves a lot of problems,” the commentator added.

“It gets her out of the Oval Office, that’s the number one thing, and number two, she can do no harm to replace Haley, whom I can’t stand and would like to humiliate,” Coulter then added.

“I think it’s embarrassing, ‘I think I’m going to replace you with my daughter!'”

She then challenged the audience to ask her to elaborate further as she gets a kick out of criticizing the former South Carolina governor.

For more Coulter during this year’s Politicon, watch the video below.

Written by Alice Hankoff

Alice Hankoff is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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