‘All Messed Up’: Trump Casts Doubt On Kavanaugh’s Second Accuser

The president believes she “has nothing” on his Supreme Court nominee.

President Donald Trump did not mince his words when talking about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s second accuser, claiming that she “has nothing” on him.

The very public attack against Deborah Ramirez, the second woman who claims Kavanaugh harassed her during a party decades ago, happened during a photo op while he visited the United Nations.

Saying Ramirez was “totally inebriated and all messed up,” the president added both accusations against his Supreme Court pick were nothing but a “con game being played by Democrats.”

“She said, ‘Well, it might not be him, and there were gaps,’ and she said she was totally inebriated and she was all messed up and she doesn’t know it was him, but it might have been him,” the president said, clearly mocking Ramirez’s claims.

In an interview to The New Yorker, Ramirez said Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a party, and that he then thrust his penis in her face, causing “her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away.”

The incident allegedly happened during Kavanaugh’s college years, but Ramirez was hesitant to “characterize Kavanaugh’s role in the alleged incident with certainty” precisely because her memories contained “gaps” due to her inebriated state during the event. The publication also failed to name any witnesses that could corroborate her side of the story.

Kavanaugh denies the incident ever took place.

Making little of these accusations, which are, so far, baseless mainly due to the fact that no evidence was presented to back the accusations, Trump also criticized Democrats, implying they are so desperate to keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed that they are working hard to make these allegations stick.

It’s truly sickening to think that these accusations are based on nothing but blurry memories, and that the latest accuser admits she was very drunk at the time of the alleged incident to clearly remember what happened. It’s almost as if, over time, the Me Too movement was co-opted by Democrats desperate to find any reason to oppose Trump and anyone associated with the president.

Written by Alice Hankoff

Alice Hankoff is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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