To World’s Hardest Workers, America Is Still Great

While the left likes to attack President Trump by saying America “was never great,” working foreigners disagree.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo famously said that America “was never that great,” and that it would only achieve greatness “when every American is fully engaged.” Clearly, he was stating an opinion that’s grown to be very popular among left-leaning groups, but coming from an elected official, many saw it a serious take that should be closely analyzed.

Despite the fact that Cuomo and many other anti-President Donald Trump Americans continue to make similar claims, when asked what country they would rather move to for work, the majority of workers around the world chose the United States as their dream destination.

According to a major survey by the Boston Consulting Group, 57 percent of 366,000 people from 197 countries expressed desire to move to another country for work. While this a considerable decline from 64 percent expressing the same desire in 2014, it’s still a large number of workers who aren’t happy with the situation at home.

Out of those who claimed they would move abroad, 34 percent said the United States would be their prime destination.

Much like in 2014, most respondents thought America was the best destination to find work. The only major difference from the 2018 survey is that before Brexit, most European workers claimed the United Kingdom was their favorite choice. However, in 2018, Germany replaced the U.K. as Europeans’ top choice for work.

According to the survey, most of the respondents wanting to move to America come from the developing world, with 90 percent of Indian respondents and 70 percent of Brazilian respondents choosing the United States as their most desired work destination.

From Cuomo’s high horse, it may seem that America is the worst place in the world, as he’s made a living out of creating monsters out of his opponents and promising the impossible so voters side with him. But to real, hard-working people wanting to better their lives, America remains great.

Wonder how he would feel if one of these potential immigrants questioned his remarks, would he call them “deplorables” too?

Written by Alice Hankoff

Alice Hankoff is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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