President Trump: King Of The Free Market

In one tweet, Trump accomplished more for the free market than the entire editorial staff of Reason Magazine!

The big fat losers of the Republican Party fold – the “free trade” wonks who occupy prestigious think-tank jobs in the beltway – have been crying very predictably regarding President Donald Trump’s tariffs. They want to go back to the old days when the neoliberal status quo went unchallenged.

Nevertheless, Trump’s record on free trade and the free market beats what they have been able to accomplish. In order to create a free market on a global scale, Trump is using the tariff as a political weapon to force other nations into removing barriers of entry into their markets for US goods.

The neoliberal status quo has strengthened other nations at the behest of the US, and it supposedly isn’t a problem because corporate profits are so high. The Heritage Foundation and CATO Institute types see no problem with these policies, as opioid addicted whites in Appalachia are welcomed to enjoy cheap slave-made Chinese crap in lieu of a fulfilling career.

Trump does not care about the moaning of these ‘free market’ bozos, and he even seems to revel in getting the goat of these proven failures.

These ‘free market’ think-tanks may be sabotaging Trump because they want to maintain their scam a little while longer. If Trump frees the market once and for all with his deal-making prowess, they will have to close up shop. Remaining the token loser opposition has been a lucrative racket for these ineffectual entities for so long, and that may be going bye bye if Trump achieves success.

Republicans would be wise to get out of the way and let Trump work his magic on trade policy. Although it may be a tumultuous ride getting there, the end result will likely be a dream for conservative and libertarians who support freeing the market.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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