Mollie Tibbetts’ Absentee Father Whines To Stop Debate

The Tibbetts family is using Mollie’s untimely death to virtue-signal nauseating leftist talking points.

The late Mollie Tibbetts’ father, Rob, wasn’t there for his daughter much while she was alive. He was off in California with his new family while Mollie was attending college in Iowa.

But he and the rest of the Tibbetts clan have certainly used Mollie’s untimely death to virtue-signal leftist talking points. After shockingly and inappropriately talking about Mexican food during his daughter’s funeral to downplay the murderer’s likely status as an illegal alien, he followed that up with a plea for partisans not to politicize the event.

“At the outset, politicians and pundits used Mollie’s death to promote various political agendas. We appealed to them and they graciously stopped. For that, we are grateful,” Rob Tibbetts wrote in an op-ed published by the Des Moines Register.

“Sadly, others have ignored our request. They have instead chosen to callously distort and corrupt Mollie’s tragic death to advance a cause she vehemently opposed. I encourage the debate on immigration; there is great merit in its reasonable outcome,” Rob Tibbetts wrote.

It is apparently lost on Rob that he and his family have gone out of their way to politicize the scandal themselves – to take the onus off of the illegal immigration issue by blaming all men instead.

A family member posted this nauseating screed days after Mollie’s body was found:

“The reaction from some Democrats and others on the left to the murder of Mollie Tibbetts is as despicable as it is revealing,” Rob Tibbetts wrote.

“She may not be able to speak for herself, but I can and will. Please leave us out of your debate. Allow us to grieve in privacy and with dignity. At long last, show some decency. On behalf of my family and Mollie’s memory, I’m imploring you to stop,” Rob Tibbetts wrote.

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling, but sorry Rob – your family’s twisted leftist world view may have contributed to the death of your daughter but your ideology will not issue Western Civilization a death sentence as well. Mollie Tibbetts’ name will always be a rallying cry for ending the scourge of illegal immigration whether you like it or not.

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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