Jordan Peterson Rails Against “Neo-Marxist” Thought At YWLS

Canadian professor condemns postmodernist “cults” during conservative women’s conference

Jordan Peterson strongly condemned the influence of “neo-Marxist” postmodernist thought during a speech at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas.

He noted that after “extreme leftist experiments failed catastrophically” in places like the Soviet Union, the left shifted towards an alternative “postmodernist view”. Many of the advocates of this view aligned with former Marxists to reconfigure communist ideas as racial, age and gender based identity politics. Though these ideas started at Yale University, they later came to dominate North American academia.

Peterson went on to say that “individual sovereignty” is the “cornerstone of our political and economic systems”, but has been undermined by the fact that individuals lead increasingly meaningless lives.

“You need a meaning to offset the tragedy of life,” Peterson continued.

He stated that these meaningless lives have allowed leftist academic “cults” to exploit “badly hurt” students, using the fields of “women’s studies, ethnic studies, sociology, anthropology”, and even law, which he claimed was “degenerating at a very rapid rate”. One example he noted was the concept of “toxic masculinity”, which he stated was rooted in “distrust of your partner”.

He urged young people to orient themselves not just mentally, but also “physically”, in order to be a “force to contend with” in daily life, in order to help roll back the damage that postmodernism is doing to American society.

In addition, he urged women not to “overvalue career”, citing the example of academically successful women he knew at top law firms who ultimately quit after the age of 30 as an innate desire for “family life” prevailed.

Peterson has lately emerged as a leader within the ‘intellectual dark web’, a group of conservative and classical liberal thinkers seeking to challenge the leftist academic consensus.

Peterson is currently on a tour of major cities in English speaking countries. For the list of upcoming tour dates, see here.

Written by Dan Weissman

Dan Weissman is the Managing Editor of The Schpiel.


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