James Younger’s Story Shows Cultural Marxism And Child Abuse Go Hand-in-Hand

Transgender children will inevitably be seen as one of the most heinous and foul abuses the world has ever known

Jeff Younger is undergoing a parent’s worst nightmare. Not only is he being labeled as an abuser during a messy divorce by a jilted selfish wench but he is also on the verge of losing his son forever.

Jeff’s soon-to-be-ex-wife is turning his son, James, transgender. Jeff is claiming that she is doing so against the will of her own son. This deranged woman, of course, has the courts on her side, and they are preventing Jeff from treating his own son like he is a boy. Child abuse is becoming commonplace, mainstream, and even mandated into law due to the efforts of liberal feminists and the LGBT community!

The case was recently highlighted in a report by The Federalist

“When his mother, a pediatrician, took James for counseling, she chose a gender transition therapist who diagnosed him with gender dysphoria, a mental conflict between physical sex and perceived gender. James’ precious young life hinges purely on the diagnosis of gender dysphoria by a therapist who wraps herself in rainbow colors, affirms the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, and dismisses evidence to the contrary. Remove the “rainbow” from James’ diagnosis, and it crumbles under the weight of the criteria for the diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

The diagnosis is critical, because labeling a child with gender dysphoria can trigger a series of physical and mental consequences for the child and has legal ramifications in the ongoing custody case. Get it wrong and young James’s life is irrevocably harmed…

When James is away from his mother, he consistently rejects the idea that he is “Luna girl” or that he wants to be a girl. Because the court prohibits dad from dressing James as a boy or from teaching him that he is a boy by sharing religious or science-based teachings on sexuality, dad presents James with male and female clothing options and James always chooses, even insists on, his boy clothes. Dad told me, “James violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home.” This is not a sign of gender dysphoria.”

This is apart of a coordinated program by globalist elites to turn children transgender before the age of puberty, often drugging them and mutilating their private parts before they even reach adolescence. The mainstream media is even pushing child drag queens in recent months to grease the skids for this push.

This is the slippery slope into pedophilia and child abuse that the Christian Right warned us about for so many years. While it was couched in rhetoric of tolerance and acceptance, it was really about recruiting children into their sinful, degenerate lifestyle to be abused and exploited.

James is going to be the next guinea pig in this Satanic shift from a wholesome, Christian society into a wicked, depraved nightmare where children are ritually abused in public for the enjoyment of pederasts. In order to stop this tragedy from ruining the life of another innocent boy, visit for information on stopping this injustice.

Written by Saul Levine

Saul Levine is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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