Hollywood Elite And LGBT Lobby Force Black Oscars Host To Step Down

Is The Treatment Of Kevin Hart By The Outrage Mob Racist?

Popular and successful black comedian Kevin Hart, seen by millions of people as a standard and an inspiration in his industry, was forced to step down by the LGBT lobby and the Hollywood cabal from hosting this year’s Oscars. Hart had enthusiastically accepted the position, which others had turned down, referring to it as a dream come true.

However, within hours of the Academy’s announcement, the online leftist outrage mob dug up tweets from years past in which Hart made “problematic” jokes that revolved around hoping his son would not be gay. As pointed out by conservative commentator Matt Walsh, even if one of these statements was not a joke but a statement of genuine parental concern, that would not justify the backlash.

Apparently given an “ultimatum” by the Academy, Hart first stood his ground, stating that he had addressed these statements in the past and there was no good reason to dredge them up again out of spite, and that he had long since moved on and changed as a person. Unfortunately, he soon after reissued a scraping apology to the LGBT community and stepped down from hosting the Oscars.

Far from standing by ostensibly one of their own, many other entertainment figures joined the online lynch mob and organizations like GLAAD in harshly condemning Hart’s jokes which many of them were surely long aware of, and surely knew that their intention was solely comedic.

As the Oscars continue to be plagued in recent years with accusations of racism, elitism, sexism, and on; such as last year’s #OscarsSoWhite; one wonders if there were some who didn’t want Kevin Hart in particular to host the awards, and therefore sacrificed a dream achievement in a hard-working man’s career to cynical outrage by online leftist bullies to whom the only real “offense” is independent thought and people outside of their total control.

Written by Kris Malysz

Kris Malysz is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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