Hannity Offers Gaetz And Booth Chance To Host His Show

FOX News Host Gives Florida Congressman And Booth An Hour On One Of Our Favorite Shows

Fox News host Sean Hannity offered Congressman Matt Gaetz an opportunity to fill-in for him after the Florida Republican joked that he was “the only one on the show not getting paid.”

Gaetz appeared on Hannity on June 18th to discuss President Trump’s 2020 campaign launch in Florida.

In response to the congressman’s complaint on his show, Hannity jabbed at him: “I will tell you this. I’m going to let Matt Gaetz fill in on this show one night. I’m going to make that promise because I watch you on — you know, you spend all this time on fake news CNN and nobody watches you.”

He continued “And I’m like, you’re wasting your time. True or false? It’s a waste of time.” Gaetz chuckled and agreed that CNN was “a waste of time.”

“So, I’m going to give you an hour,” Hannity quipped. “We have the best audience in TV. By the way, thank all of you.”

Their sparring lead Fox News contributor Lisa Booth to request Hannity for her own hour on his show: “If you’re giving away opportunities, I’ll take one, too.”

The conservative host cracked up and responded that Boothe and Gaetz must “co-host.”

Nielsen ratings show that Hannity is unrivaled as the most-watched host in cable news, with over 3 million viewers. Also, Fox is the most watched news channel on American TV, with CNN & MSNBC trailing behind.

Hannity said: “I love making these decisions without management approval. I’m sure they’re loving every moment of this.”

Gaetz  represents Florida’s 1st district and is a supporter of President Trump and has appeared on Fox News in the past.

“Done deal. I’ll make it happen,” Gaetz replied.

Gaetz tweeted in the morning about his invitation to co-host on FOX.

Written by Avi Kumar

Avi Kumar is a contributor to The Schpiel.


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