Gianno Caldwell’s New Book Is a Must-Read

President Trump has boldly declared since the beginning of his campaign that the Democrat Party has failed African-Americans in this country, who are quick to offer up government assistance, but no real help and aid to bring back jobs and opportunity to communities who desperately need it. Fox News Political Analyst Gianno Caldwell grew up in government housing on the South Side of Chicago, living in violent and drug-infested neighborhoods which too often perpetuate poverty for Americans most in need.

Despite being raised to think that Democrats were the ones looking out for African-Americans, Caldwell makes a compelling case in his new book Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed, that conservative values are the key to both personal success and strength as a unified nation. Caldwell shares how he realized over time that his values were actually conservative values, as well as the struggle he faced navigating a world where there were not many African-American conservatives who would publicly express their views, and many members of his community who also rejected him for his beliefs.

The author also delves into the history of the Democrat Party, including their support of the KKK, black codes, strong opposition to the civil rights movement, the 1994 crime bill, and a host of other bills and movements that have significantly hurt African-Americans. Caldwell not only corrects the record on the sins of the Democrats, but also shows how Republicans and Democrats alike can work together to improve inner-city conditions in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and more. More job training is needed, better schools are needed, and a social support system that doesn’t trap people in a cycle of poverty for getting a job or a pay raise. None of these are immediate solutions, and unfortunately, the federal government has only seemed to make things worse when they’ve spent trillions of dollars trying to help.

Caldwell weaves in his own story throughout the book, sharing how his active faith in Jesus Christ, and his determination to succeed and live conservative values of responsibility and integrity led him from one of the worst situations in America to becoming a nationally recognized political commentator for Fox News. While not everyone can become Gianno Caldwell, his story is not only inspiring, but uplifting for those who can find the strength to overcome unfathomable adversity and live their version of the American Dream.

In today’s polarized climate, we too often look at the differences between ourselves instead of how we can work together to fix problems that affect all of us. Both Democrats and Republicans agreed in their 2016 platforms to raise worker wages, expand access to housing, grow the economy, reform our criminal justice system, improve healthcare outcomes, and over a dozen more proposals. Where we differ is in our respective solutions to solving the issues that face our nation, but fundamentally, all Americans still want to help their neighbors, take care of their family, and live in the freest and most prosperous nation on Earth. Despite the radicalism we see on the news, our country may indeed be less divided that we think.

Written by Peter Van Voorhis

Peter Van Voorhis is a staff writer for The Schpiel.


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