An Independence Day Appeal To The Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’

Are You Willing to Sacrifice It All to Protect the Corrupt Status Quo?

Today, we all honor America and the many liberties we enjoy. Well, at least some of us do. The leftists out there have never been more disgusted with America because they lost an election. They are taking to the streets like never before, goading the right-wing into violent confrontations because they know their establishment allies in the corporate media will give them favorable coverage – regardless of the facts.

This past weekend, the leftist agitators received more than they bargained for. A patriotic right-winger’s fist of fury smashed the face of a pencil-necked communist geek in the liberal streets of Portland, OR. This baton-wielding thug forgot he was not on the Internet for a moment, and his error could cost him his life. Rumors are circulating that he is suffering from possibly terminal brain damage after being on the receiving end of the Chad Hammer. The Proud Boy who delivered the death blow is already becoming a folk hero, and it is very difficult for right-wing activists not to celebrate what happened.

The Right is celebrating not because they are inhuman, love to celebrate violence, and lacking empathy. They are celebrating because they have been through the ringer. They know through personal experience exactly what the Left has to offer. The conspiracy theories that were laughed off for all those years turned out to be completely valid. Most right-wingers (at least the authentic ones outside of the Washington D.C. bubble) have been targeted or know people who have been targeted by the digital lynch mob. They have had their livelihoods put in jeopardy, their families harassed, their privacy violated, and their personal lives exposed for the purposes of bringing shame and terror down upon them for expressing their 1st Amendment rights. To add insult to injury, they watched the mainstream media repeatedly celebrate these leftist terrorists and mainstream conservatives too cucked and house-broken to do anything but sit on their hands as a result in the aftermath.

In short, the Left is creating the perfect conditions for an uprising of the extreme Right. When ordinary people get attacked by masked cowards for saying prayers in public, it radicalizes them. When they are constantly defamed by an organized conspiracy aggressively moving to snuff out their rights, common folk are willing to embrace solutions to the problem that were previously unfathomable. During the initial era of the tea party, the Left thought they could take a piss in the faces of the earnest right-wing patriots, and these peasants would fall in line after being chided by their societal betters. They called decent people who just wanted basic constitutional freedom every name in the book, and as a result, their hearts hardened and righteous anger formed. The idea of restoring the Republic is no longer enough at this point. They want blood and vengeance with enemies so loathsome that even moderates are now being drawn into the radicalism.

Maxine Waters’s low IQ, half-literate blather openly supporting terrorism and harassment of her political enemies has activated right-wing Trump supporters to the threat that is at hand. More and more, they are realizing that being passive won’t be enough to win this war. Waving your flag and holding hands with other patriotic Americans waxing poetic about the golden days isn’t going to cut it. Handing out pocket constitutions and reciting free market economic dogma just isn’t enough. Attending meetings and walking door-to-door are fine to activate people for organization, but that is only the initial step. It is going to take brute force and immense sacrifice to crush the enemy before they destroy all that is pure and virtuous in the world, and all children are forced to live as Lactacia.

Leftists, please ask yourselves the following questions: Are you really willing to suffer like your comrade did in Portland? Are you willing to put your life on the line to save this system? Because that’s what your demonstrations and activism are really all about: protecting the status quo. It is why you receive money from globalist oligarchs to fund your operations. It is why you have well-connected lawyers willing to protect you free of charge. It is why the police refuse to protect lawful rallies while you commit terrorism in broad daylight. It is why judges let you slide even when you are caught committing violence on video. It is because you have the full backing of the political establishment. They want open borders to exploit cheap labor from the third-world, and you are their useful idiots for that agenda. Whether you admit the obvious or not, you are in fact the foot soldiers for global corporatism. Is this really the cause you are willing to die for? Maybe you ought to just quit and go live in a commune instead because times have changed.

I can see how it was easy to grow arrogant when you had that full establishment backing and your Manchurian sleeper cell icon, Barack Hussein Obama was in the White House. As Obama was opening up public bathrooms for transgender perverts to prey upon kids, liberals laughed all the way to the bank. Supreme Court Justices O’Connor and Souter didn’t need to worry about retiring because it was already in the bag. They could just snooze their way through eight years of Obama because they knew Hillary (or Marco or Jeb, it didn’t really matter) would appoint their successor for more business-as-usual. Inner city ghetto-dwellers could run wild in the streets with impunity, as police were demonized as racist for enforcing the law. Terrorists had their free reign of American weapons as the US military was prevented from stopping ISIS as they planted their flag throughout the Middle East in the name of their protector, Lord Obama. The gang rape of America was at hand, not a drop of lube was provided for the discomfort of We the People, and those of us who were fighting against the agenda felt helpless as the tidal wave of corruption, lunacy and evil enveloped us.

It is really easy to understand why the Left grew so arrogant in retrospect. They – to borrow a catchphrase from late LA Lakers announcer Chick Hearn – thought the door was closed, the lights were out, the eggs were cooling, the butter was getting hard, and the jello was jiggling. Hell, even I did for awhile as well. It was an extremely bleak period in American history. Then, at the midnight hour, an orange-stained angel showed up to save the day.

Because of his ruthless and successful ploy for presidential power, a nation of young men now look up to Trump as their hero. They laugh in the faces of their shrill lesbianic commissars in public school as they write racially-insensitive graffiti on the bathroom wall. They bask in the aura of Trump’s toxic masculinity as he runs roughshod over weak socialist world leaders like Angela Merkel or Justin Trudeau. After all, the most powerful man in the free world got to the top by taking what he wanted and never asking permission. Why would any young man listen to an overweight cat lady drone on about equality, tolerance, fairness and all that nonsense when they can just dominate instead? Men want to reclaim their destiny, Trump has given them the road map to do so, and the Left belligerently stands in their way. They won’t stand for long. They will be brought to their knees.

On this independence day, the Left should re-evaluate what they are doing. They should look at their families and be grateful for all the blessings they have in their lives. They should ask themselves whether it is worth it to potentially sacrifice all of that to preserve a rotten, corrupt system. People on the Right have already done the inventory, and they won’t be backing down even if it means having to endure what the founding-era revolutionaries had to endure. If the Left truly has the same resolve and is willing to put it on the line for their precious status quo, the second American Revolution will be at hand.

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“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”Thomas Jefferson

Written by Shane Trejo

Shane Trejo is a contributing editor to The Schpiel.


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